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Wow. Just saw the zoho project tour ppt. Looks awesome. I think they have the right tag line – the social way to get projects done. Some of the cool things that I saw were:

  • Integrated chat functionality – which is archived. Small decisions can be taken right there right then.
  • Import Microsoft MPP
  • Neat Gantt charts
  • Dashboard showing the nearby milestones
  • Dedicated wiki which is accessible from the dashboard.

I think it is pretty cool. Should check out.

http://projects.zoho.com/ – Zoho project

For some weird reason – Zoho reached out to me to remove the link – apparently the back links are hurting their Google rankings (or some such reason). The respect that I had for them has decreased substantially with this. Why would a company get in touch with a blogger who has written well about you.


2 thoughts on “Zoho project”

  1. Have you seen wrike.com? I like their gantts much better. Besides, I love the email integration. As for zoho, yes, integrated chat functionality which is archived – sounds pretty handy.

  2. Fred: Thanks for dropping by. Will surely try out wrike.com. Currently, I am stuck with MS Project – because that is the company standard software. But I occasionally try and do some personal project management using these tools.

    Do drop by regularly 🙂

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