Marc starts blogging …

Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape, has started his own blog. His posts are a wee bit long, but filled with information, and punctuated occasionally by wit. All in all, makes very good reading. Of course, being who he is, he has super duper traffic on his site.

Two of his posts, that I am cross-linking here, are defenitely worth reading. Very insightful.

In the post titled ‘Pmarca’s guide to personal productivity, he admits, that he does drool over personal productivity websites, like lifehacker,, David Allen etc. Wow. Nice. He goes on to share what has worked for him. [read the full article]

In another post titled, “How to hire the best people ..”, he outlines, what a hiring manager should focus on, while hiring people. Brilliant. This has got to be one of the best posts in this category. [read the full article]