Reimagining India – Eric Schmidt

The last segment is priceless. And I quote here:

India’s impact

India has had a big impact. Sun Microsystems was founded by someone who’d been to an IT university in India. And here in Silicon Valley, there is evidence that 40 percent of the entrepreneurs are Indian foreign born. So it gives you a sense of the scale and reach of Indian entrepreneurs outside of the country. So the problem is not the Indians, the problem is the country. And the country appears to be relatively dysfunctional politically, and has some corruption issues. You can see the potential when the Indians come here. Imagine if they were there and they were doing the same things with the same kind of structure. They’d change the world.

There are some portions of the interview which  may seem condescending towards India – for some viewers. But if you look at it objectively, it is the truth. For example, where he talks about the state of the broadband in the US vs India.

There are some great observations as well – for example, the potential of 4G LTE to disrupt the internet space. I think he is right. It is difficult to improve something as physical as broadband infrastructure. However, the cell phone telephony infrastructure is already there.

Similarly is the alternative of improving on wifi hotspots. This way the high data rates are avoided.



Trivial April Fools Jokes

It has now come to the point where companies try and pull a slow one (yeah, its not even fast these days) on April Fools day. The jokes are lame and silly. On first glance, it is obvious that it is a prank.

  • Google Blue. Really? A first look at the video instantly tells you its a prank.
  • Youtube going down. Really? Just a few days/weeks ago, there was a revenue report, which reported it was doing quite well.
  • Adobe releasing a new font called Blank, which users cant see. Really?

Guys, if you dont have any thing to fool people, just skip this year. This is just silly.

The tech mud-slinging match that is happening …

Some of us have been following the mud-slinging match that has been happening between Microsoft, Google, and Apple, in recent times. The scene is hot now, with the latest patent issue.

If you have not been followng this, MG Ziegler from techcrunch has a good piece on how it has panned out until now. Read it here.

Thank you Cameroon

For those who are wondering, what/who/where is Cameroon? It is a small country in central/western africa. [Wikipedia]

Ok why I am thanking Cameroon? I should actually thank Google too. Half the time, my fingers work faster than my brain, while typing. (My dad is always onto me for this — his theory is that I use the backspace key twice as much as the other keys). But back to Cameroon, there are quite a few times, when I want to and my fingers fly and type (without the ‘o’) and hit enter. Until recently, I got a 404 fail, but now, voila, Google has a domain – for their Cameroon users. Whooopie.

Now the only thing left is — Google, can you please register too – please please !! 🙂

The Internet – A Lawless Prairie

Wow, after Senator Ted called the Internet a series of tubes, this is the next interesting description. This time it comes from a judge in Milan, Italy. In her description of her judgement against Google, for an objectionable Video case which made its way into Google Video.

“With images of the Wild West evidently in mind, Judge Oscar Magi wrote in a 111-page explanation of his decision to convict the Google executives: “There is no such thing as the limitless prairie of Internet where everything is permitted and nothing can be prohibited, on pain of a global excommunication by the people of the Web.”

Wow. Read the article on MacWorld here.

Image courtesy: Library of Congress (Creative Commons) on Flickr.

Google OS coming ??

Rumors of Google OS has been doing the rounds for quite some time. I just got this in my email – an NYTimes Flash News Report. And NO, it is not April 1st (April Fool).

Google Plans to Introduce a PC Operating System

In a direct challenge to Microsoft, Google is expected to
announce on Wednesday that it is developing an operating
system for a personal computer based on its Chrome browser,
according to two people briefed on Google’s plans.

The move would sharpen the already intense competition
between Google and Microsoft, whose Windows operating system
controls the basic functions of the vast majority of personal

Wow. I am waiting for tomorrow.

NYTimes source.

A new browser in the arena – Google Chrome

Google has just announced that, it will be releasing a beta of a new open source browser named Chrome tomorrow. By the looks of it, Google has been developing this thing for quite some time. It seems pretty advanced and very cool. It is based on the Mozilla and the Webkit libraries. Some nice things that can be said from what I have read:

  • super tabs – completely multi-threaded
  • sandboxing – for more security
  • a new virtual machine for javascript.

What is more, in true google style, Google has released this info in a very different way – in the way of a comic book ! Read the very cool comic here.

Read more about Chrome on Techcrunch and on the official google blog.

Update: If you have already downloaded chrome, go and type about:internets . LOL. It is an awesomely funny easter egg.