Happiness -> Success

A fantastic TED talk from Shawn Achor about how happiness leads to success, and not the other way around. Most of us are conditioned to think the other way. If we get a job, we need a better job. If we buy a house, we need a bigger house. The elusive happiness then becomes a dream that is “just out of reach” forever.

More than this message, I would like to draw attention to his presentation style. Funny. Engaging. Wonderfully rehearsed, yet natural. You would not even realize when he gave the message. He just “plants” it in you.

The best presentation ever .. (so far!)

Ok, Garr Reynolds was my presentation guru until recently. But move over Garr, I have a new hero. I bow on my knee to the new presentation guru, who stands on a mile high pedestal now — Richard St. John. Check out his 3 minute presentation below. Yes, three minutes it is. And a brilliantly funny 3 minutes. You cannot take your eyes off. This is a TED presentation, and so the video also is super clear. Enjoy.