A Green Ganesh Chaturthi

This year was a very satisfying Ganesh Chathurthi. We had read about a shop in the tank-bund area of Hyderabad, which was selling Green Ganeshas – not green in colour – but Ganeshas which were made only with 100% clay, no chemical colours etc. So we made the excursion (for those of you who are unfamiliar with Hyderabad, a trip from the Hitech City area to anywhere else in Hyderabad is an excursion). Yes. we undertook the 20km excursion. Well, the family (me/wife/kid) just like to drive around – so you might call this an excuse, but I digress.

The shop’s name is Emerald sweets, and has been doing this as a social service – partnering with a local NGO named S.A.V.E (Society for Awareness and Vision on Environment) – for a few years now. The shop’s management itself is a very environmental-friendly. Apparently even on normal days, they use paper bags, give discounts if you bring your own bag etc. Impressed me much actually.

Now comes the kicker. The Ganesha was priced at Rs. 3. Yes, you heard it right. And that goes for charity too. The Ganesha is also given in a recycled news paper bag.

The sweets in the shop are super duper too. We had something called Kaju Rockets. Kaju Kathili pockets stuffed with even more cashews. Delectable indeed.

All in all, a good message, and great job by a small sweets shop – doing its part for saving the environment. 

Ganesha after Puja at home.
Emerald Sweet Shop
Sweet box with awesome caption.
Recycled newspaper used for the bag for Ganesha.