Simplicity, and yet refined Sophistication

Watched a rare interview of Steve Jobs circa 1980 yesterday. That man was a genius. He knew what he wanted 30 years ago. And I believe he accomplished what he wanted. *RESPECT*

Some key points that just blew my mind away:

  • Man builds tools to amplify his abilities.
  • A computer is a tool to help you solve a problem. But we throw a big problem betwn you and your problem-learn how to use the computer. Our goal is to simplify that problem between you and your problem as much as possible”
  • For some crazy reason in the Universe (that I dont know about), two people in Los Altos and Cupertino had a need for a computer (and built), that a million other people want. Crazy that this fits the exact same need of all these people.
  • The name “Apple computers” represented what we wanted as a culture – simplicity and yet very refined sophistication”.
  • We should be talking about solutions, and not hardware or software. It is the solution that should just work – whatever it takes.
  • Comparison of Automobiles to Computers. Dump trucks, cars, buses – they have pretty much the same parts – transmissions, steering mechanisms, wheels, seats. They are all a means of transportation. What they differ on is emphasis on its function. Same way, we will build Apple computers with an emphasis that we will refine and define.
  • We have about 500 people. We will probably do between a 150 and 200 million dollars of sales. If you divide this by the number of employees, the sales $ per employee that you will get is probably a number that no one ever has heard of before. Thats because we have the most incredible collection of people on the planet.


I dream of an India …

I dream of an India where …

  • the streets are clean
  • the Police is respected, responsive, and is the common man’s friend
  • there is no corruption
  • the public transportation is awesome (enough, on-time, and clean)
  • civic bodies work together and have non-intrusive infrastructure (no more digging up of the roads by one body after the other)
  • Government offices work per clock-work (if the appropriate paper work is there, your work will get done)
  • there is fair competition in the industry
  • education is first-class, and world-oriented
  • industrial infrastructure is world-class
  • there is no pollution
  • there is no hypocricy
  • there are no reservations
  • there is equal educational opportunity for all to succeed in any endeavour

*Sigh* I can dream, can’t I ? Yet, I am confident some of this (and maybe even all) will happen.

Samsung Galaxy S and Tab not to get Ice Cream Sandwich

I have been thinking for quite a while about getting myself a tablet (and I will think for some more time though ..). And this sort of news is exactly what is making twice (thrice … n times) about Android. If the handset maker is  an OEM who has the power to choose an upgrade or not, the end user suffers.

Apple scores a point here.

Robo-helicopters and Robo-jeeps

It is heartening to see robotics take the next big step in Military. With Pakistan still blocking Karachi port, the food supply to Nato troops in Afghanistan have been hit.

… supply lines are about to get a lot safer for NATO’s logisticians as an unmanned helicopter just delivered a sling-load of beans, bullets, and band-aids to Marines at an undisclosed base in Afghanistan marking the first time a drone has been used to resupply a unit at war. The 2.5-ton, GPS-guided K-MAX can heft 3.5 tons of cargo about 250 miles up and over the rugged and mountainous terrain of Afghanistan across which NATO troops are scattered and can fly around the clock. ‘Most of the [K-MAX] missions will be conducted at night and at higher altitudes,’ says Marine Capt. Caleb Joiner, a K-MAX operator. ‘This will allow us to keep out of small-arms range.’ K-MAX will soon be joined in Afghanistan by Lockheed’s robo jeep that can carry a half a ton of supplies for up to 125 miles after being delivered to the field in a CH-47 or CH-53 helo.”

This is very cool.

[via slashdot]


Steering wheel desk

I was recently shopping online for a portable laptop desk. After a recent surgery, I have been contemplating not to work in a sitting position for too long at home (at work it cant be helped, but I can try at home). So I wanted one of those desks that you can keep in front of you, and stretch your legs underneath it – so I can work comfortably on the bed. Yes I found one.

In the same context, I looked at this, and was totally impressed. In this age, if there is a need, there will be someone who will create something to fill that need. Wow.

[via GAS]