I dream of an India …

I dream of an India where …

  • the streets are clean
  • the Police is respected, responsive, and is the common man’s friend
  • there is no corruption
  • the public transportation is awesome (enough, on-time, and clean)
  • civic bodies work together and have non-intrusive infrastructure (no more digging up of the roads by one body after the other)
  • Government offices work per clock-work (if the appropriate paper work is there, your work will get done)
  • there is fair competition in the industry
  • education is first-class, and world-oriented
  • industrial infrastructure is world-class
  • there is no pollution
  • there is no hypocricy
  • there are no reservations
  • there is equal educational opportunity for all to succeed in any endeavour

*Sigh* I can dream, can’t I ? Yet, I am confident some of this (and maybe even all) will happen.