I heard about this movie first in Merlin Mann’s podcast with Dan Benjamin (in the 5×5 network). It is a great fun podcast talking about tech and productivity – two things that I am super passionate about. But I digress. Merlin was talking about this movie and was comparing it to living in Florida, and how sometimes the folks are in their ‘own world’. I noted it down and wanted to watch it some time, and I got the chance today.

It is a pretty nice movie about an average guy (Luke Wilson), who is in the army. He gets chose for an experiment called “human hibernation”. Unfortunately, the Army forgets about this top secret experiment, and when Luke gets out of the chamber, it is the year 2500AD. Things are not too dandy. The world has gotten all topsy turvy, and the average IQ has fallen abysmally, making Luke the smartest man on the planet. The world is then fully of super dumb people. Folks who believe water can be replaced with Gatorade (even for watering crops). Everything is amiss.

In all, a pretty good entertainer, and an eye opener. Comes with a nice message of getting your kids to read, to get educated, and just be overall smart.

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Google Glass Creepiness


Wow. This is creepy.

As I approached the line to the restroom, I took a deep sigh, thinking that I might find some respite from the hundreds of cameras strapped to people’s heads at the conference.

Yet when it was finally my turn to approach the rows of white urinals, my world came screeching to a halt. There they were, a handful of people wearing Google Glass, now standing next to me at their own urinals, peering their head from side to side, blinking or winking, as they relieved themselves.

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I dream of an India …

I dream of an India where …

  • the streets are clean
  • the Police is respected, responsive, and is the common man’s friend
  • there is no corruption
  • the public transportation is awesome (enough, on-time, and clean)
  • civic bodies work together and have non-intrusive infrastructure (no more digging up of the roads by one body after the other)
  • Government offices work per clock-work (if the appropriate paper work is there, your work will get done)
  • there is fair competition in the industry
  • education is first-class, and world-oriented
  • industrial infrastructure is world-class
  • there is no pollution
  • there is no hypocricy
  • there are no reservations
  • there is equal educational opportunity for all to succeed in any endeavour

*Sigh* I can dream, can’t I ? Yet, I am confident some of this (and maybe even all) will happen.