Google pages

I tried out googlepages today. My personal opinion : It is a good webpage creating tool for grandma at home. If grandma can do gmail, she can now create a webpage. That is how simple it is. Not sure if someone who has more tech skills would like it though. The AJAXy interface is good but too restrictive. I like to see my html tags. Well, one more positive in this whole thing is memory – they give you 100 Megs even for the free version – Geocities does not give you that much (but hey they let you even upload html created by you.

So overall :

+ Phenomenally simple to create a webpage
+ No bandwidth restriction
+ Free version gets you 100 Megs (no one else gives you this)
+ No ads (like geocities forces on you) – but how long will this last ?

– Restrictive
– Cant see html tags
– Cant create your own html and uploade
– System was pretty unstable as of this morning and I see several bloggers complaining the same.

Go check out my page though at

TDavid from ‘MakesYouGoHmm’ blog also has a good analysis. [link]

Update:Ok, I take back my words. You can upload your own html into googlepages. I just tried it and it works. I guess, I will have to agree that googlepages does seem viable now. Though, I am not sure if it is stable enough yet. My sister tried to create a page today morning and it did not allow her to do so. She got a message saying that, due to heavy system overload, they are not accepting any more invites.

One hour brainstorming session –> Heart behind the Digital Camera

Washington post has a beautiful article on how the heart behind the digital camera – the CCD (charge couple device) was born. Pretty interesting story. Two guys who were afraid that their funding might get cut – do a one hour brainstorming session and come up with the brilliant idea.


He (boss) called every two or three days, and Boyle and collaborator George E. Smith soon got the idea that their funding might disappear unless they invented something in a hurry. So they did.In a one-hour brainstorming session in late 1969, Boyle and Smith drew up the basic design for a memory chip they called a “charge-coupled device,” more familiarly known as a “CCD.”

Something else that was very funny in the article.

In the late 1980s, Kodak developed the professional “Kodak Digital Camera System,” which debuted — with a 20-megabyte hard disk and a backpack to run the electronics — at the 1991 Super Bowl.

List of awesome shareware

There is another looooong list forming at Listible – yes ! the same place where last week, we found a list of web2.0 apps. This list contains a large number of fully free software (free-ware). Some of them are common like firefox, notepad2, ad-aware etc. Some are neat apps – that are actually nice to have, but not mandatory for every user. Nonetheless, an excellent one place to look for freeware.


Sleep on it …

First of all, apologies for posting not-so-regularly. Unfortunately, work is taking the better of me these days. I would still update this blog on a semi-regular basis. Please do stay tuned. I am going to try and get the RSS feed of this blog up and running. So you guys can tune in to that too.

As for the subject of this post, I just read an awesome article from New Scientist, which suggests you to sleep on big complex decisions. According to the article “the conscious mind should be trusted only with simple decisions. Complex decisions should be left to the unconscious mind”. I would love that.

Read the full article here.

Steve Pavlina Reloaded

Sunday personal development madness. Here are three awesome articles from the personal development guru, Steve Pavlina. Very nicely written.

  • How to have a more focussed day [link]
  • Feeble excudes [link] : This article is awesome. Three of the most feeblest excuses – “I dont have time”, “I dont know how”, and “I dont have enough money for it”
  • Time Management [link] : A slightly long article, but well written. It says that “using time management systems like GTD is only half the problem solved”. You should follow the age old way of “plan it, do it”.

Tommorrow ……. DIY Planner Ver 3.0

Everyone is eagerly waiting on the DIY Planner Ver3.0. Dougj and his team has been working feverishly for this to happen. Just a reminder everyone, peep into tommorrow and check it out. If you like it, show some love towards dougj and his team.


[note] I know that this post is being posted one day late. Something goofed up in bloggers’ mail-the-blog-post feature. It just put this guy in draft mode, and never published it.
I am publishing this now anyway. But folks, go to Its got some awesome templates.


Check out We all have had situations when we needed to send someone a really big file, and hotmail or gmail stuck their tongue out at us. Now you have the answer. I am going to try this out today. If this work, I will add an update to this.

Update: This thing works like a charm. Very very cool