Quality Surveys after Service Transactions

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time, and it recently reared its head again.

The Maruti Conundrum: Earlier, when I had a Maruti car, this used to occur at a frequency of about 9 months, when I used to get my car serviced. Each time after my car was serviced (rather well, I should say), someone from the workshop would call and tell me that, I would be getting a survey questionnaire directly from Maruti and they would appreciate if I could mark it all excellent.

I used to get extremely irritated with this. I would have even brushed it off if someone from the workshop and had just asked if I was satisfied and if they could do anything better. But no, they had to bring up the topic of the survey and request me to mark excellent. And this request varied in tone from ‘begging’ sometimes to downright rudely ‘telling’ me to mark excellent.

Each time my response would be something like: ‘I was going to mark excellent, but since you made this call, I am going to mark ‘poor’. Of course, the response again from ‘begging’ not to do so, to ‘I-dont-care’.

PepperFry.com: When you call up Pepperfry.com customer service, at the end of your service transaction the rep requests you to help improve their quality by answering three questions to their IVR. Ideally I would be OK with this, except for two issues:

  • I am already paying long distance rates .These guys dont have toll free numbers, and the only contact number is a Pune call center number. Why cant they just send an email questionnaire immediately after the call is finished? They are an online shopping store. And I am sure this can be automated using their IVR (or initiated by the rep). I would bet, they would have a better response than over the phone.
  • The Maruti conundrum reared its head once. One of the reps kindly requested me to mark 1 for all questions that were asked. I was floored. Dang. Its the new age. This is customer service of a reputed online retailer. Sure, it happened only once. But the fact that the rep was lured into saying something like this, means, there is a carrot (or a stick) that the rep is being guided by. And that is what is bringing the rep to stoop to this level.

Are there any other ways by which service transactions can be measured? I understand these people are doing work. And the quality of work should be measured. But then, when the carrot/stick method is applied too rigorously, this is what happens.

Yin Yang Everywhere

The concept of natural dualities is everywhere. The Chinese call it the Yin-Yang. It is there in several places in Hinduism as well such as the Hari-Haran duality. The Ardhanaari duality etc.

Anyways, during one very contemplative after lunch walk, I found this to be a classical duality example.


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Youtube vs Vimeo [Usability Peeve]

There is one big usability peeve I have about launching and watching embedded videos. My typical embedded viewing experience is as below:

  1. Read the article on theoldreader.com (yes, I moved from greader -> feedly -> theoldreader – more on that in a different post).
  2. If I see a good video that I want to see, I typically click on the “youtube” icon or “vimeo” icon on the post, so that it opens up the video in youtube or vimeo respectively in a new tab.

vimeo   youtube

Now, when I do that, my reasonably average cognitive capabilities want me to think that the video link would open up in a new tab, and should wait for me to go to that tab and press play. Why? Because I had never pressed play on the embedded video. I had just said – open it for me in youtube or vimeo.

  • Youtube opens the video up in a new tab and begins playing it ! Whaa ??? I dont want to watch it now. I will watch it later.
  • Vimeo dutifully follows my thought process, opens up the video in a new tab and waits for me to go and press the play button.

In this duel, Vimeo wins. Sorry youtube.

PS: By the way, you should watch the planet six video. Hilariously done. Simple claymation with a message.

Handibot – your Robotic Carpenter

The device is a motorized CNC machine – they’re calling it a Universal Digital Power Tool (UDPT) – for wood. It can cut, machine, drill, and carve. Built by the guys who built the ShopBot, a similarly complex CNC system for woodworking. — TechCrunch

I wish this thing existed when I was doing my Carpentry workshop during first year Engineering.