Artsy photograph – Spanish Window

No, we did not go to ¬†Spain. This was taken inside the resort (Cida De Goa) in Goa where we stayed. On hind-sight, it is probably Portuguese architecture – which influences most of Goa’s buildings.


Sunsets in Goa

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Over the Flames (pizza and pasta)

Trying to get back to blogging, and what better way to re-enter, than a restaurant review. This is technically not a “restaurant” review, since I ordered delivery – but none the less.

Image from their website (

We got this pamphlet stuck along with our weekend news paper, and we thought we would try it. The restaurant name sounded fancy enough – and the menu looked even more enticing. It just said “Pizzas, Pastas, and more”.

<rant>¬†No Tandoor, No Chinees, or any of that nonsense – that some restaurants add, just for name sakes. I have nothing against Tandoor or Chinese food, it is just that, it irritates me to no end, that some restaurants add it for “completeness sakes”. Why? Can’t you be a good restaurant, which does not serve anything other than these?” </rant>

Anyways, here is my take on the food:

  • Good number of vegetarian options (on pizzas and pastas)
  • Very good customer service (the person who took the order on the phone, actually helped me with my order)
  • Food arrives in a hot bag (similar to the Pizza hut guys), and the food is actually hot.
  • For a starter, we had ordered roasted pepper toast – the description said – roasted capsicum/other stuff on top of french bread, with olive oil sprinkled. My review – awesome. After a long time, tasted some true french bread – good quality olive oil,and the veggies were sauteed just perfectly.
  • For the main course, we wanted to try a pizza and a pasta
  • We had ordered a spicy cottage cheese pizza . The menu decsribes it as “Grilled cottage cheese, bell peppers, onions, blk olives, drizzled with mustard paste on the top and garnished with celantro.” On first look, it sounds like a tarkaari paneer pizza – no it is not. It has an awesome italian pizza taste. Base is made fresh (there were still of flour to be seen on the base, and it was soft and spongy). On the whole, top stars.
  • For the pasta, we had ordered lasagna. Again, awesome, in one word. Just the right amount of cheese. The veggies were done perfectly. Not too many sheets of lasagna. The quantity looks slightly less, but it is heavy. Again, top stars.
  • This restaurant is in the Gachibowli-Telecom Nagar area of Hyderabad. They serve Kondapur/Madhapur/Gachibowli area.
  • For continental food lovers, I think it is a must try.
  • I have heard stories about these kind of restaurants losing their flair/quality after a few months into existence. I really wish they do not.
  • Bottomline: Guess how much all the above food costed us: Rs. 333. (this is the amount I would have paid for one medium pizza with Pizza Hut).
  • (they have the menu online)