Can you beat Apple?

Jason Kottke has  a very compelling article on the few weaknesses of Apple. Very good observations I should say. On hind-sight, and on reading this list, they do seem like missing link. I list a summary below:

1. Apple doesn’t do social well on a large scale

2. Apple can’t do the cloud either

3. iTunes is getting long in the tooth.

4. The Apple software that rock (eg KeyNote) are the ones that Jobs uses. The ones that he does not care about (social, ical) etc are the ones that are not so good.

Read the full article here.

Brightfarms – Agricultural startup!

Yup. I did say agricultural startup. This is just awesome. I missed where I got this nugget from (probably from Inc ). The article quoted that, each time you buy lettuce or tomatoes on the east coast, it has been sitting in a refrigerated truck for a week – since it had to come either from Mexico or from the west coast. So a bunch of enterpreneaurs have started this awesome company – Bright Farms, where they have greenhouses on the terrace of large super markets. So the fresh produce that you get is literally as fresh as it can get. This is a win-win project, and a new dimension in start-ups. From their website, it says, they are now building a prototype in collaboration with a WholeFoods store. Lets see how this one goes.

Image courtesy: Bright Farms LLC

Thank you Cameroon

For those who are wondering, what/who/where is Cameroon? It is a small country in central/western africa. [Wikipedia]

Ok why I am thanking Cameroon? I should actually thank Google too. Half the time, my fingers work faster than my brain, while typing. (My dad is always onto me for this — his theory is that I use the backspace key twice as much as the other keys). But back to Cameroon, there are quite a few times, when I want to and my fingers fly and type (without the ‘o’) and hit enter. Until recently, I got a 404 fail, but now, voila, Google has a domain – for their Cameroon users. Whooopie.

Now the only thing left is — Google, can you please register too – please please !! 🙂

Happy Tamil New Year

Despite the government ruling in TamilNadu that today is not the new year, I (and countless other Tamil folks) will celebrate New Years day today.

Iniya Tamizh Puthaandu Nal VaazhuthukkalHappy Tamil New Years Day

Mr K needs to realize, he cannot change tradition spanning hundreds and thousands of years. This date is most likely picked because of our superior astronomers/astrologers, who have written down an advanced solar calendar. Guess what, some smart folks in other parts of the country celebrate new year today as well — the Bengali’s have their new year today. It is scientific Mr Chief Minister, and not a whim of a political party to change these.