SRK denied ‘VIP’ treatment.

Please dont take me wrong. But, I do not think, there was anything wrong in what the US immigration did. Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) is not a VIP. Film stars are not VIPs. They do not get diplomatic immunity. People like Prime Ministers, ex-Presidents, Ministers for External Affairs get diplomatic immunity. They do far far far more important and critical work than, um film stars. I am not saying acting is not difficult, but please, acting does not guarantee diplomatic immunity or for that matters any special treatment in matters concerning a country’s security. I am not saying this, because it was the US. I would have said the same thing, even if it was the Somalian immigration did this, or, the New Zealand customs did this.

The very fact that he was ‘upset’, and then became ‘angry’, and then ‘humiliated’ fueled more anger and humilation in me, as an Indian. He said “He thanked God that his son was not there with him”. Why? He did not want his son to see reality? He wants his son to be in the same fairy tale world he is in, and he can also become “angry”, “upset”, and “humiliated’, 10 yrs from now, when he starts acting (we all know, sons of Bollywood stars become Bollywood stars). ¬†And guess what, the US immigration give a totally different account, which if it is true, makes me more angry at SRK. The US immigration says that, he was identified for secondary questioning, and he had to wait his turn with several others. That waiting time was 1 hour. And then he was called, asked some questions, and let go. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe for SRK, the Khan, it was very out of the ordinary – maybe he has never ever waited in line before. Duh. Good for him. More reality for him.

Today it is SRK, tomorrow Amitabh ? Next who ? Rajini ?? Then Suruli Rajan ? Kovai Sarala ?? Where do we draw the line ? India has a hundred film stars – each of them a VIP in their own right (and dreams?).

Anyways, I thought I would rant a bit about this here.