Coffee Cup Inverter


By far, one of the most innovative inventions that I have ever seen. This seemingly innocuous looking coffee cup connects on one end to your cigarette lighter (present in every car these days) and converts that DC power into AC power – in the form of 2 power sockets – which you can then use to charge your IPODs, mobile phones, whatever. The coolness of it is its shape. Almost every car these days comes with a cup holder, and this chap just sits snugly there. No searching for a place to keep this. No more ugly looking anti-slip mouse-pad looking pad on your dashboard.

Oooh Shiny. Me want me want …. (But then, I see it is now available only for 120V US style sockets. Hmm, universal adapter anyone ?

[via boingboing .. via thinkgeek (if you wanna buy it, go here)]

Image courtesy: thinkgeek

Death to Cubicles …










Meandered my way to this awesome Fast Company article

titled Death to Cubicles.

Collaboration is great, but sometimes I’d kill for a door. …. Fittingly, this outburst took place just down the road from the University of Colorado, where in 1968, a fine-arts professor named Robert Propst came up with the “Action Office.” Propst’s vision was to give white-collar workers, then toiling amid rows of desks in huge open spaces, both more privacy and a way to individualize their space. By that measure, cubicles were an improvement. But in the hands of space-mad facilities planners, the idea was perverted to justify an officescape that resembled the Chicago stockyards. Dilbert was born. Scott Adams got rich.

Nicely written. Read the full article here.