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I have always been very impressed with the way his Holiness Dalai Lama speaks. He is an excellent public speaker. I have seen several of his speeches (in videos, online etc). A zenhabits reader, Noah Weil, recently got a rare opportunity to listen to his holiness live, and captured notes for the rest of us. I am going to let you read the contents of the talk for yourself. But I quote Noah on his impression of the Dalai Lamas speech. Read the full post here.

I mentioned he spoke excellent English, and it is true. A few points during his speech or Q&A, there was a word he wanted to use but did not know the English translation. He would give his line, and on the gap with the unknown word, would ask his interpreter, receive the translation, and continue. I was very impressed with the way he never actually misspoke; any opportunity that would be error was deftly handled so his words proceeded apace. His awareness of his skills and limitations were such that the audience knew of the gaps of his knowledge without being affected by them.

Besides his clear public speaking skills, one got the impression he was having fun up there. Serious topics sure, but nothing so heavy that he couldn’t crack wise when the situation came up. His wisdom, gratitude, and simple joy made the entire presentation eminently approachable and persuasive. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be said to this group, but I recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to listen to him speak. You will be glad you made the trip.

And I totally agree. You should hear him speak. He is extremely witty. And to think, that he has been so witty and unassuming in this speech, when his mind could have been so much in turmoil, considering what he is going through right now, with regard to Tibet and the Chinese government, is remarkable.

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