Flipkart, Amazon, Forbes ….

Just read a piece on the slate, which states that Amazon is trying to make same delivery of goods possible. The piece also states that, how this has been the utopia of internet retailers, and several have failed. It also states that AMZN is now investing Billions into this, to make this possible.

Spin the globe a bit, and look at our own home turf – Flipkart. These guys have been on the motto that, customer service is #1, whatever be the cost. They have not quite given the guarantee of same delivery, but they have been attempting to do this for a while now. And, get this, they have not really charged anything extra for the same day delivery.

I am now thinking about the Forbes dirt slinging article on Flipkart, which clearly states that, this obsession on the customer service is going to cost Flipkart, and it is a mistake and so on … Well, all of us know that AMZN has been the “King” of internet retail for a while now. And to some extent, I think if they do something, they are doing it after thinking about it, and they are mostly right about it. Well, now, Mr. Forbes article writers and editors, tell me, if Flipkart has it right or wrong?

And no, I don’t really care about what happens within the company, or which hostel allegiance that the founders and management folks turn to. It is a culture within the company. And I think it is wrong to go and dissect a company culture from outside. There are reasons why there are some things that happen a certain way.  If these were wrong, Flipkart would have faced flak a long while ago. Well, they are still going strong. So they must be doing something right.

Flipkart, I am a big fan of yours. Please do continue your obsession towards customer service. This is why we revere you. God Speed.

And no, I don’t work for Flipkart, for those inquisitive over-enthu investigative journalists.

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