Army Recruitment Violence

Just read this news article, about violence at an army recruitment camp in Uttar Pradesh. Brings out a few thoughts/questions:

  • The violence apparently started because the candidates thought there were some irregularities in the enrollment. Is this really happening ? The US is also fighting a similar battle. Some very startling news arising out there, on enrolment based on color.
  • Ok, say that there was some evidence for this irregularity, is arson and violence, the way it should be handled. Are these ‘so-called-candidates’ the right ones, if they react to this like this. What will they do in the army? The army is all about obeying the commanding officer, whatever. And when I say, “whatever”, I mean “whatever”. This is what I have heard. Arson, violence ..? I cannot digest this.
  • The state government issued a statement to the central government, telling them to intimate the state government, before such camps are handled. Is that the solution? In my parlance, that is called “passing on the buck/blame”.

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