Movie review – Villu


I know it is a little late, but better late than never. Vijay’s movies are the best time-pass movies as far as I have seen, second only to the one-and-only-thalaivar (the boss, mottai boss). The concise review of the movie:

  • Time pass movie.
  • Some parts of the movie shot in Munich, Germany (ofcourse, you should not ask, just like in a thalaivar movie, where did Munich suddenly come from, just watch!)
  • I was expecting the eppidi-eppidi–ippidi-ippidi punch dialogue to come a lot (after all the hype), but it comes for 3 seconds in a song ! Disappointing.
  • I did not see too many punch dialogues – again disappointing. 
  • Good fight scenes.
  • Some of the dance sequences are directed beautifully – no wonder – Prabhu Deva is the director. There is even one song, where the finale of the song has the Indian Michael Jackson shaking a leg with Vijay. 
  • No crying scenes (Vijay is not good in senti scenes and the good part is, the directors realize this and do not give him any such scenes.)
  • Some unbelievble scenes – but then they have to be there in a Vijay movie – like Prakash Raj burying him alive, and a sandstorm blowing all the sand away, and he rising up from the grave. Oh! Did I mention he was also shot at twice!
  • Nayanthara does the usual come-and-look-pretty show and goes. Not bad. Nothing wrong to say about that. (Read: no spectacular acting)
  • Overall good comedy scenes by Vadivelu.
  • Some good intricate plotting situations by various international Dons (one of whom is Prakash Raj). Prakash Raj does a standard factory-product villian – nothing new. Good thing is – he has toned down his ridiculous … uhaahaahaaaa laugh and the chellam dialogue. Thank God. It was getting so trite.
  • Some super flaky scenes like, when Vijay’s dad is accused of being a traitor, and gets killed, his mother gets ‘desa drogi manaivi’ (traitor wife) tattooed on her forehead. 
  • Two things however baffled me.
    • When the whole world is saying that Blu-Ray is dead, the movie shows the villians trade secrets all stored in a Blu-Ray disc. Haha. Why ? Why ? Maybe because it ‘sounds’ fancy.
    • Why the name Villu ? His name is not villu (his name is Pugazh). He does not have any fancy electronic villu (nor the bamboo one). Why ? Why?

Overall rating : Typical timepass Vijay Movie. Watchable once.