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I know it is a little late, but better late than never. Vijay’s movies are the best time-pass movies as far as I have seen, second only to the one-and-only-thalaivar (the boss, mottai boss). The concise review of the movie:

  • Time pass movie.
  • Some parts of the movie shot in Munich, Germany (ofcourse, you should not ask, just like in a thalaivar movie, where did Munich suddenly come from, just watch!)
  • I was expecting the eppidi-eppidi–ippidi-ippidi punch dialogue to come a lot (after all the hype), but it comes for 3 seconds in a song ! Disappointing.
  • I did not see too many punch dialogues – again disappointing. 
  • Good fight scenes.
  • Some of the dance sequences are directed beautifully – no wonder – Prabhu Deva is the director. There is even one song, where the finale of the song has the Indian Michael Jackson shaking a leg with Vijay. 
  • No crying scenes (Vijay is not good in senti scenes and the good part is, the directors realize this and do not give him any such scenes.)
  • Some unbelievble scenes – but then they have to be there in a Vijay movie – like Prakash Raj burying him alive, and a sandstorm blowing all the sand away, and he rising up from the grave. Oh! Did I mention he was also shot at twice!
  • Nayanthara does the usual come-and-look-pretty show and goes. Not bad. Nothing wrong to say about that. (Read: no spectacular acting)
  • Overall good comedy scenes by Vadivelu.
  • Some good intricate plotting situations by various international Dons (one of whom is Prakash Raj). Prakash Raj does a standard factory-product villian – nothing new. Good thing is – he has toned down his ridiculous … uhaahaahaaaa laugh and the chellam dialogue. Thank God. It was getting so trite.
  • Some super flaky scenes like, when Vijay’s dad is accused of being a traitor, and gets killed, his mother gets ‘desa drogi manaivi’ (traitor wife) tattooed on her forehead. 
  • Two things however baffled me.
    • When the whole world is saying that Blu-Ray is dead, the movie shows the villians trade secrets all stored in a Blu-Ray disc. Haha. Why ? Why ? Maybe because it ‘sounds’ fancy.
    • Why the name Villu ? His name is not villu (his name is Pugazh). He does not have any fancy electronic villu (nor the bamboo one). Why ? Why?

Overall rating : Typical timepass Vijay Movie. Watchable once. 

6 thoughts on “Movie review – Villu”

  1. Hai Mouli

    Seems to be a die-hard fan of Vijay. You need to read Seeing Stars: Spectacle,Society and Celebrity Culture by Pramod K. Nayar, a first-of-its kind study of Celebrity in India. Await a book review in my blog.


  2. Well, not really a die hard fan of Vijay per se. A die hard fan of any good entertainer. I like a movie, which I can watch without having to think too much about a plot etc, watch with a little suspense, laugh a lot, shake a leg or two on a number, one not-too-long fight between hero and 100 villains at a same time, and hero wins. End of movie.

  3. Hai

    My review is ready. Hope it would encourage you to buy the book mentioned before. Happy Reading. Would be happy if you drop a comment as a fellow book reviewer.


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