Intel quits mobile

intel phone

Paul McLellan writes on Semiwiki about a leaked internal memo inside Intel talking about Intel getting out the mobile race. They would be merging the tablets/phone business back into the PC business.

To me, this sounds like a reasonable move. The mobile market is a very consumer driven market and requires a lot of ground level push. Opinionated users and fan-boys galore. It is a riot down here. We thought it was down to Samsung and Apple, and suddenly there are now a host of Chinese manufacturers who are into the game – like Xiaomi. The Indian mobile manufacturers, who are still satisfying only the local market though, are no less formidable -like Micromax. Taiwan is not far behind with Asus.

Having seen Intel (from the outside though) and knowing it as an EDA customer, they are not the kind of people to roll their sleeves and get into this mud fight.

Not sure when Amazon will take the cue and get their Fire phone out too. This is not their market either, IMHO.

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Brashness in business

I always appreciate brashness in business. Thats how business get built. The guts, the mental strength, and the determination to standup against established players – thats what I am talking about.

Anil noodles: It requires guts to stand up and make noodles in a market, where people call noodles as ‘maggi’. In most parts of India, people refer to noodles as Maggi. So entrenched is maggi noodles. And the remaining of India knows one more brand – Top Ramen which is a world player. In this world of noodles, one company stands up and advertises a brand named as Anil Noodles – now that is guts. I do not know how it tastes, or how well they are doing, but their guts must defintely be appreciated.