Vaaranam Aayiram – review

vaaranam_aayiram_coverImage courtesy : wikipedia

Movie name: vaaranam aayiram

Cast/other movie information : [wikipedia link]


  • Brilliant direction – Kudos for the attention to detail – showing the pilot theatre for the 80s period, and older version of the spencer plaza/central etc – MGR movie posters on the wall etc. Also some, fantastic rock-and-roll numbers and dancing by Surya
  • Good cinematography
  • Awesome acting by most actors – very natural
  • Some very nice every day scenes, taken very naturally. Like son surya “Saying .. no . .I have never touched a cigarette”, and very hesitantly asking .. “how come you always smoke ? “


  • Dark starting of the movie and dark ending of the movie. Starts with father surya in his death bed, and dieing. And then the whole movie is, son Surya ruminating his entire life, and the ending scene is father surya being cremated etc – so people who like happy endings, and a jolly feel – may not like it. (So obviously, my home ministry did not like it !! )
  • Some unnatural fight sequences in the middle (durng the kidnapping)
  • Babloo (prithviraj) – worst acting in my opinion – why why why ! They have so many better villians in the industry
  • Could have cut down a bit on the drug scenes .. dragged for a bit
  • Could have cut down on the search-for-the-kidnappers scene .. dragged for quite a bit
  • Tooooo many songs. (one song was good .. the one with the father surya romancing his girl)

Ofcourse disclaimer is that — the above review is stricly my personal opinion.