Joe Costello – Keynote in DAC 2006

Quick blurb about Joe – ” He was president and COO of SDA Systems from 1987–1988 and CEO of Cadence Design Systems, which became the largest EDA company under his tenure, from 1988–1997. In 2004, he was awarded the Phil Kaufman Award in recognition of his business contributions that helped grow the EDA industry.” from his wikipedia page.

A fantastic presenter – someone whom I even sometimes compare to Steve Jobs. If you doubt me, see this keynote presentation video. (warning: large file if you want to download – can view on demand if you have vlc plugin in firefox)

A colleague of mine and me were chatting about this video today, and I thought I would share it with my readers. This video always gets me pumped up. The photo above is when he was giving his keynote talk at DAC. And yes, he came wearing a hawaiian shirt. 🙂

PS: I could not find this video on youtube – else I would have embedded it.

How Not-To: Give a Presentation

There are quite a few how-to’s on Good Presentation. Some that are obviously very good like PresentationZen. But there are times when we learn only we see the worst that can happen. Hence the How Not-to. Wow. When you watch this video, I am sure several things will ring bells. We have seen such presentations over and over again. Enjoy.


[via GAS]

Burn your PowerPoints!

A phenomenal slide deck – showing just how important slides design is. Tell me (a) how long it took for you to flip the slide deck through, and (b) how many times you wondered when is this going to end (like every other ppt). I am sure the answers would be (a) very soon and (b) Not even once.

20 questions I ask myself – Vineet Nayar

Fantastic slide set from Vineet Nayar (CEO at HCL) – 20 questions he asks himself everyday. Two things I liked about this slide set:

  • The questions themselves (content is key, anyday).
  • The simplicity of the presentation. Hard hitting points yet on a plain spartan template.

The Girl-Effect

No, it is not a cheesy title to get search engines to get here. I just saw this fantastic presentation at Garr Reynolds’ Just mind blowing. It is a self-running two and halfminute presentation. Just blows your mind away. You just stare at the presentation. The message seeps into you without any effort. And it sticks. Wow.


The best presentation ever .. (so far!)

Ok, Garr Reynolds was my presentation guru until recently. But move over Garr, I have a new hero. I bow on my knee to the new presentation guru, who stands on a mile high pedestal now — Richard St. John. Check out his 3 minute presentation below. Yes, three minutes it is. And a brilliantly funny 3 minutes. You cannot take your eyes off. This is a TED presentation, and so the video also is super clear. Enjoy.