Pilot for Rajdhani

Wow. Another brilliant move.

East Central Railway already saw 18 attacks in the last one year,including the derailment of 10 coaches of the Delhibound Rajdhani express,between Gaya and Mughalsarai in Bihar.This has prompted the railways to run pilot engines ahead of Rajdhani express trains.As many as eight Rajdhani trains daily pass through this stretch. [link]

So, its Ok to lose an engine driver and an engine ? Day by day, I get more and more shocked with the stupidity of government decisions that are taken in recent times. Yes, I read about the censorship demand for social networking sites as well. I dont even want to talk about it. That is just basic constitutional violation (violation of free speech).




Loco mania

It was a beautiful misty morning on Thursday, when I went to pick up my parents from the Bangalore Railway station. The mysore side of the station offers some very good loco-viewing angles. Ok, now you get the gist. I get very excited when I see locomotives 🙂


(I wish I had a camera phone with a better resolution or I wish I had taken my dig camera with me).