HP buys Palm

HP is buying the beleaguered smart phone manufacturer Palm for $1.2 billion. Palm has been struggling to make ends meet in recent times. It approached HTC and a few other companies, who refused to buy them. At one point in time, there were only 2 smart phones in the world – Palm and the Blackberry. With some many variants in the market, now it is Apple and BlackBerry which dominate it, closely followed by HTC. Lets see if Palm re-invents itself within HP, and rises from the ashes. HP’s IPAQ has been suffering sales for a longer time now. Would the Palm portfolio increase HP’s interests in smartphones.

Read the full article in BusinessWeek here.

Image courtesy: amazon.co.uk


How much ink is low-ink in a printer cartridge

LIfehacker points to a great PCWorld article, where the PCWorld guys hit the labs with cartridges from prominent ink jet printers (Canon, HP, Kodak, Epson). In a nutshell,

They found out that

  • Almost all of these guys except HP stopped printing after some low ink warnings. HP continued printing (kinda like duracell) until the ink totally ran dry.
  • All the cartridges start giving out low ink warnings (and some even shutdown), when there is a large quantity of ink still left — upto a whopping 45% of the original ink left! What a waste !!
  • They also found out that for most of these printers (except Kodak), printers reported low ink on aftermarket cartridges earlier than original cartridges.

All this is good info — but something at the back of my mind tells me, “Hmm, did HP pay PCWorld more than the other guys did ? “. Well, obviously all of them paid PCWorld for the comment that “original cartridges are better than third party catridges”. Well, well …..

Check out the article here.