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Nice co-branding (WordPress + Firefox)

Pleasant surprise to see this today morning. I opened up my dashboard, and what do I see ? A notice that my firefox is out of date, and that I should upgrade. Nifty marketing I should say. Kudos WordPress and Firefox.


Scott Collins quote …

Just prior to Firefox 1.0 arriving, Mozilla’s Scott Collins, a veteran of Netscape and evangelist for the Mozilla team, said this to Linux.Ars:

“I have hope that we will be a mainstream browser and that people will use Mozilla. That’s the thing I learned to lust after as a programmer. It’s not my ability to solve one problem, to plow this field, but the ability to build a plow that every farmer uses. The ability to make something that touches not ten people, not a hundred people, not a thousand people but a hundred million people. I want Mozilla to be there again. IE is a browser with no soul. I want it to be Mozilla because I think that people who care deserve a browser with a soul.”

Quoted from lifehacker article on History of firefox.

Beautiful. I am bowled over. That quote personifies passion. Passion to be the best!


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