Richard Branson: Life at 30000ft

Fantastic interview with Richard Branson at TED – Monterey. The humility of the man blows me away.

My biggest takeaway quote from this:

Genuinely, if I bought something or had a particularly bad service in something that I did, I would go and do something myself to fix the problem. Like the time, I flew an airline, and I got really bad customer service, and Virgin Atlantic was born.

Reuse Vegetable Plastic Trays

If you buy vegetables/sprouts from Town Essentials or Bigbasket (or even cut vegetables from Namdhari’s in Bangalore), you get the vegetables in these light weight plastic trays (see below).


For a long time, my wife was wondering what to do with these. This post is dedicated to her lastest reuse idea.

Step 1: Take the veggies out. Clean the tray.


Step 2: Line the insides with news paper cut to size.


Step 3: You can now use this tray to keep Oil containers. This prevents them from soiling your counter top, and also makes sure they dont slip and fall etc.



Voila. These plastic trays now have a good use.

More Coca-Cola Innovation – Ice Bottles

Coca-cola is on a roll. Wow. This is my third post on this topic. (Others are here and here).

Yes. The bottle is made of ice. How much more eco-friendly can you be? It is also perfect for a hot day at the beach. Wow. Think outside of the glass bottle.