Who are the observers?

The last time, I read Sufia Tippu’s article, I resolved never to read her article again (atleast first thing in the morning). I made the mistake again today. I cannot imagine how negative this author can be. The latest in her pessimistic repository of articles can be found here – titled “With Chip hopes fading, India looks to system manufacturing.”

In this article, she writes so hopelessly negative about the inability of India to have a semiconductor fab. It used to be, at one point in time, that India did not have a fab because of the ginormous amount of ultra clean water and air that is needed for a fab. We have come so far now, that all these hurdles can be tackled using technology, and is feasible. She now turns to unavailability of capital, for this industry to ever come up in India. Why cannot she think, that we will overcome this too, soon? Why is it, that we should look only for the tallwoods and the sandalwoods for venture capital?

And oh by the way, she makes a slew of negative statements, and claims that these are from observers (close to the industry)? Who are these observers? Pray tell me. If they are so top-secret, that they cannot reveal themselves, I do not want to trust their views either. Or, hmm, is she making up these statements, and pointing the blame on ‘observers’.

Whatever said and done, the author has one thing to her credit. She has made a very placid writer like me to write caustic posts like this one and the previous.

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