The laptop and the cell phone

Boon and Bane ? The question remains unanswered. Well, it is in your hands. How you deal with these two productivity instruments, which can potentially turn you into a 27 hour working machine.

I discovered three beautiful posts on lifedev. The posts are titled Technology and expectations. The posts talk about how the laptop has increased mobility in computing, and how they naturally increase the expectation from you. You can ‘now’ potentially work from home, check email from home, and do many more things at home, which you could earlier do only when you ‘get to work the next morning’ Similarly the cellphone, you are now reachable wherever you go. My father-in-law was speaking the other day, about a time, when you used to go on vacation, and no one could reach you. Now, that is no longer possible.

Check out the two posts:

Technology and expectations : the laptop

Technology and expectations : the cellphone

While you are there, also check out the post on email. I dont necessarily subscribe to all the ideas in that post (I am a self-certified email phreak (um I mean geek)). But do check that one too.

Technology and expectations : email

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