The computer is a Moron

.. so said a genius — Peter Drukker. I happened to read the above statement in (one of my favourite blogs). The first thought that hits you, in this age of information and technology is, ‘what !’. Well, delving a little deeper into it, however much cognitive sciences and natural language processing (NLP) has improved, the computer still is a ‘processing machine’. It cannot ‘think’ of ideas for you. In some ways, it can even inhibit ideas. Garr Reynolds of presentationzen says it best, when he refers to the task of planning. When say, you want to plan a presentation, sitting in front of power point, draws only a blank line. Try sitting down with a pencil and a pad, ideas start flowing. Before you know it, you have the agenda sketched out. Then you start jotting down, your story line framework. You have the ending – where you decide what the listener needs to take-away.

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