Autonomous Flying Robots

Watch this beautiful TED presentation by Prof VIjay Kumar on Autonomous Flying Robots that his team at UPenn have been working on.

The talk itself is awesome. There is one thing that I loved about the way he presented. There are times when Prof Vijay Kumar has to bring in some technical jargon – fifth power equations, and differentials etc. But he does that with aplomb. The slides show the complexity, but he simplifies it while talking. And every time he brings in some complexity, he would spice up the presentation in the next slide using some cool video of the flying robots.

He has the tone of a proud inventor. When he shows some awesome videos or talks about them, you can feel it in his quiet composure. While the audience is clearly wowed, he maintains the pace – as if to say – “This blew you away, wait until you see the next slide”.

And ofcourse a brilliant ending.