Space Shuttle Endeavour last leg

The space shuttle Endeavour was retired last week, and is being transported to a museum in Los Angeles (LA). For the last 12 miles, it was actually transported through LA roads.

Just imagine the awesome publicity that Toyota got. The da** trucked pulled the entire shuttle. For those folks, who do not live in the U.S, the Tundra is a pick-up truck that some normal people use as a ‘car’, for commuting to office etc.

And oh yeah, the Donut shop got a ton of publicity as well.

The above picture is from the The Atlantic. View the full set of pictures here.

Toyota Winglet

Check out this awesome video of a segway like vehicle from Toyota – they call it the Winglet. The video defenitely looks awesome. The controls seem to be very easy and intuitive – except the brakes. I could not figure out how they stop the thing. I am sure there must be some way. The segway guys invented the accelerometer based balance stuff. I think Toyota has a cool implementation of it. Check it out below. It is a pretty small video.