The ultimate lenovo ad

Lenovo go to the world spoofing the ultimate spoof-masters themselves. The apple ads are usually the best in imitating/spoofing/ridiculing competition. Lenovo has the guts to go and mock the air!. Actually, I agree with the ad. For once, the apple design team has flawed. It is just wrong for a company to give a bare minimum of features in the name of sleekness/thinness and charge more ; and make the customer buy more accessories if they need any (and apple accesories they must buy). It is just wrong. Check this lenovo ad out and laugh at apple. Go on!


Congratulations ISRO.

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Congratulations are due to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for their world record launch of 10 satellites in one go. Wow. The entire world is now in awe. Way to go ISRO. The last record was by the Masters of Rockets – Russia, which had launched 8 satellites in one go. This gives ISRO immeasurable credibility in its capabilities. Now, people will no longer shake their heads in disbelief, when they hear about Chandrayan – the planned moon trip.