Windows 7 : Remove a program from startup

The number of times I have had to remove a program from my start-up sequence in windows 7 is quite large. And the shocker is, the number of times that I have stumbled in trying to figure out how, is pretty large too ! XP had this option nicely nestled in the taskbar and startup menu, and it longer is there.

Anyways, there is a much easier way to do this.

1. Hit the Windows button in the bottom-left of your screen (hopefully if you havent reconfigured your start bar)

2. Type msconfig in the run-text box ; and click on msconfig.exe from the Programs Search Results.

3.  Click on the startup tab

4. Select the programs you want to disable on startup and hit apply/OK.

5. And you are done. Hope this helps.


Pure Loyalty – Mobile Cloak Room

Where there is a need, there will be a service-based-startup. That seems to be the motto these days. Wow. After a recent ruling that Cellphones, PDAs, Tablets etc would not be allowed inside public schools, a company named Pure Loyalty LLC is making news by filling a gap. These guys come and park a van outside the school, and provide a mobile cloak room. With more and more students having access to tablets and smart phones, a place to reliably deposit these ‘expensive’ electronic gadgets is a great idea. Pure Loyalty keeps track by using smart ID cards.

Call me a bad guy, but I am waiting for the acid test. I am waiting for the couple of incidents, where the smart cards are stolen, and some thing bad happens. If the company has ways to handle such an incident, they will definitely survive. Even if they dont, if they quickly get their heads together and create one, they still stand a chance (like airbnb did). If not, we will have to wait and see.

(image source by Dean Terry)

Brightfarms – Agricultural startup!

Yup. I did say agricultural startup. This is just awesome. I missed where I got this nugget from (probably from Inc ). The article quoted that, each time you buy lettuce or tomatoes on the east coast, it has been sitting in a refrigerated truck for a week – since it had to come either from Mexico or from the west coast. So a bunch of enterpreneaurs have started this awesome company – Bright Farms, where they have greenhouses on the terrace of large super markets. So the fresh produce that you get is literally as fresh as it can get. This is a win-win project, and a new dimension in start-ups. From their website, it says, they are now building a prototype in collaboration with a WholeFoods store. Lets see how this one goes.

Image courtesy: Bright Farms LLC