Why is the Indian cine/fashion world so mesmerized with everywhere outside India?

I have this nagging question, that I do not get satisfactory answers from anyone. I think you will get the point if you try and answer the following  questions:

  • Why was the IIFA awards held in Macau ?
  • Why is the Miss Chennai / ChennaiMan awards held in Colombo?

Why? Why? Dont we have world-class auditoriums in India ? Dont we have good audio systems in India? Or um, dont we have enough crowds in India? If you think, the answer is ‘no’ for the first two questions, then why the he** arnt we doing anything about this ? I am sure, no one will answer in the negative for the ‘crowds’ question. We (as in fans), love our stars. We will be there to cheer them up.

A very related rant that I have is, why does every movie have to have an international location song? Why ? Dont we have enough scenic locations? I am not saying New Zealand is not pretty (I have been there myself, and I can vouch for the prettiness). But the locations in which these shoots happen, are similar to dozens of location in Uttarakhand, Darjeeling, Coastal Karnataka, Nilgiri mountains, should I list more? Snow capped peaks, um, dont we have more than 80% of the Himalayan range within our territory. Even if we discount Kashmir as being not too safe, we still have a fair share n UP, Uttarakhand, HP, …. Well you want beaches – dont we have Goa, Coastal Karnataka (Murdeshwar), … — why do we always have to look at the coral greens in Maldives and Australia alone.

Why, why, why …

I am not going to get an answer .. but alteast I ranted my heart out.