Movie Review: October Sky

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:Spoilers alert: 

This is a very inspirational story (based on true life events) about four young boys from a mining community, who stumble onto building “hobby rockets”. They get into this by first watching the news about the first Russian rocket – Sputnik. Despite all odds of getting raw materials and equipment, these young boys succeed in launching rockets. They are encouraged by their high school teacher who pushes them to apply for a regional science fair. The boys win the trophy (and scholarships to college).

The story also weaves in an element of paths and family bonding with the father not very happy with his son going to this hobby. He wants his son to be a miner too. He thinks that all this rocket business is trickery and not worth it. The last scene is an emotional one where he at last comes to one of the rocket launches and becomes real proud of his son.

As an added bonus for those who are fond of hearing different accents, the movie does not disappoint with the Virginian accent – it has the twang and a drawl to it. You should listen to it to understand what I am talking about. It is a period movie set in the 60s – so it has all the sets painfully created – complete with old vintage cars and a couple of Steam Loco runs.

Nanban (Tamil) Review – 2012

  • Overall good remake of 3 Idiots
  • Nothing to comment on the story or picturization – exact ditto.
  • Casting comments:
    • Not a big Vijay fan. He did a decent job, but the role of Aamir, needed some one more bubbly. Not thoongu moonji (sleepy) type like Vijay. Someone like Arya, or Karthi, or even (God Forbid – why am I saying this!) Dhanush.
    • I personally did not like Satyaraj as the principal. It needed someone more commanding, not vazha-vazha-kozha-kozha (no translation for this – closest approximation is wishy-washy). Or maybe it was Boman Irani who makes me biased.
    • I am going to write this one in BOLD. Intentionally. Who, in Gods Name, chose Ileana for the Karisma’s role. Could you not find anyone who knew tamil ? Could you not have atleast done a better dub.  All over the film, the locations are in Tamil Nadu. The professor (Sathyaraj) Is Tamil, yet he has a daughter who speaks in Seth-Tamil ? Really ? Shankar ? Why ?
    • Sathyan – beautiful choice for the ‘padips’ role.
    • Loved Srikanth and Jeeva. Beautiful picks. And beautiful execution. Totally loved the scene where Jeeva wakes up drunk in the middle of a lecture. And Srikanth’s look, when Vijay messes up the answer scripts order after they turn in their papers late. I loved this scene in the original 3 Idiots. It was Madhavan who had that look – quizzical look turning to amazement to overjoyed.

Movie Review: Naan Kadavul

Disclaimer: Below post has full story of the movie. I will not call it a spoiler, since it is a spoiler (you will spoil yourself) if you watch the movie. Might as well read below.

  • Movie directed by Bala. So has to be psycho movie.
  • Hero is Arya, who has portrayed perfect psycho.
  • One family gets one baby boy. Josier says some big dosham. Family should not see baby for 14 yrs.
  • Stupid father goes and drops off the baby at Kasi
  • 14 yrs later. same stupid father and girl (younger sister to above said dosham baby) go to kasi in search of boy
  • Father and sister find the boy to have become an agori saint (the saints who worship dead bodies etc. Rumoured they also eat some parts of flesh. This is Arya.
  • Movie shows agori saints in light. Saints always high on drugs and bhaang. But this nice rudram songs comes here only. Saints upside down dhyanam in komanam etc.
  • Father begs guruji of above said brother to please let him take him down south (trichy) to show to his mother.
  • Parallel track during all of above is villian who is pichaikaaran manager – runs a big gang of pichaikaaras. Very gruesome. Unable to watch for long.
  • Above said mottai villain also in trichy.
  • Arya behaves all psycho even after he comes to Trichy. Mother cries – why should she see son in above said psycho form. Might as well not see. etc etc
  • In above parallel track, one blind girl is pseudo-heroine.
  • Mottai abducts pseudo-heroine, angering Arya. Around this time, it is kinda blurry. She comes to him and asks why she should live any further with so much suffering. Then suddenly she dies, and arya brings flame from right hand and burns her right there !
  • Then Arya hunts down mottai and kills him
  • End of story. No ending (happy or sad) – which is typical of Bala