Saw this documentary about Orca Killer whales today. Pretty emotional movie. The movie goes against Disney Sea World who maintain these killer whales for amusement. The movie talks about how raising these large beasts in captivity can lead to frustrations in them.

The movie specifically talks about the largest Orca among them – Tilikum. The beast has killed at least 6 people so far. The park still maintains Tilikum for one major reason – he is the largest male of the lot. He is virtually a sperm bank for breeding more and more of these orcas.

The documentary runs through interviews with several of the parks ex-trainers. Most of these trainers express their frustration on the coverups after each accident that has happened in the parks. Almost all accidents have been blamed on trainer error, and the park maintains that the killer whales are the ‘cuddly teddy bears’ that they are.

IMDB – Blackfish (2013)

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