Coca-Cola Sharing Can

Wow. Coke is on a roll these days. After the Happiness Project, now comes the sharing can. Some (or maybe all) parts of the video are stage managed, but the actors reactions are exquisite. Law of human nature of sharing between friends (or like-minded people), when folks see their can suddenly become two, they extend it to the nearest person. All in all, a nice concept.

Happiness -> Success

A fantastic TED talk from Shawn Achor about how happiness leads to success, and not the other way around. Most of us are conditioned to think the other way. If we get a job, we need a better job. If we buy a house, we need a bigger house. The elusive happiness then becomes a dream that is “just out of reach” forever.

More than this message, I would like to draw attention to his presentation style. Funny. Engaging. Wonderfully rehearsed, yet natural. You would not even realize when he gave the message. He just “plants” it in you.

Be happier at work

This Inc article landed in my Inbox as part of my Daily Top LinkedIn News. It is a great list of things that all of us are guilty of doing at some point in time. There are some of these which are more common, and some that are not.

  1. Blaming
  2. Impressing
  3. Clinging
  4. Interrupting
  5. Whining
  6. Controlling
  7. Criticizing
  8. Preaching
  9. Dwelling
  10. Fearing

One paragraph that stands out.

Criticizing has a brother. His name is Preaching. They share the same father: Judging. The higher you rise and the more you accomplish, the more likely you are to think you know everything–and to tell people everything you think you know.

Read the full article here.