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Salad at Namdhari’s

Had a veg salad at Namdhari’s for dinner yesterday, and was I surprised or what. The quantity is large, and the quality of the vegetables are good. Lots of sprouts, bean sprouts, corn, spinach, cabbage, carrots. I tried two of the dressings – coriander and mint, and mayo and garlic. Did not use too much of the dressing, for that would contrast the purpose of the salad. ┬áThe salad is served with a piece of soft bread – which is also very good.

On the whole, a very fulfiling meal. I did not think, a salad could fill me up, but the quantity here is such that, I left with just-about-a-full-stomach — which is by far the best feeling one can get after dinner (not stuffed, nor empty).


Ambience — 4 / 5 (The ambience is very sparse)

Food taste – 5/5

Quantity – 5/5

Service – 5/5

Appearance of the food – 5/5