Stress free driving

I recently realized that I felt very tired after driving to and from work. Traffic in Bangalore can be maddening at times, and can invoke inordinate amounts of stress in the body. The result of this stress is extreme tiredness, general sluggishness, and general unhappiness
from R.

For the last 2-3 days, I have been trying out something, that has worked (atleast until now), that has reduced my stress multiple fold.

Imagine you are the driver of one of those super luxury volvo buses. These guys, if you notice, never are in a hurry. And if you have been inside one, you would realize, it is one of the smoothest drives you have ever taken. I am not talking about not feeling the bumps (Good Volvo suspension takes the credit for that). I am talking about, not feeling any surges in power, to get the bus between those 2 cars, or, suddenly decelerating from 60kmph to 0kmph, to avoid that dog/child/oldlady/vegetable cart/cycle that just crossed the road. You do not feel it, because the driver does not do these things.

– He never is above 40-45kmph.
– He never is weaving in and out of traffic
– He never needs to accelerate or decelerate suddenly
– He is never in a hurry

I thought let me follow this. And hey, it works. I do not overspeed these days. I do not weave in traffic. I am always in the lookout for pedestrians/traffic stoppers, and speed bumps. I imagine, I am driving the world’s best super luxury bus.

Here’s to stress-free driving!

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