“Proof” at Ranga Shankara

Last week, I happened to visit Ranga Shankara, a theatre for plays in Bangalore. I went to attend a play named “Proof”. One of my team guys brought up the idea. We had just gotten a milestone done at work, and we thought, it would be a good break. Went with the whole team.


Firstly, the theater ambience itself is amazing. In the bustling midst of JP Nagar Phase II, there is this quiet little theatre. The foyer and lobby are well decorated in terms of ambience. A spiral staircase leads you to the theater entrance upstairs. There is a small eatery in the ground floor (try their sabhudana vada. It is amazing!). The theater itself is a circular room with amphitheater style seating. Long rows of simple bench like seating. No fancy push back seating. Comfortable, and open. The stage is a wooden stage. No audio equipment separates the stage from the seats. So its just the actors and you – face to face. Acoustics is superb. No mics. It requires professional actors, who can ‘throw’ the voice out to the audience.


Brilliant in one word. No wonder it won the pullitzer. After watching so many masala movies, where you can predict the next scene. this was very refreshing. It is a 2 act play (15 min break in between). Very good suspense. The story line is simple, but takes a couple of twists and turns, at the right moments, which keeps you wanting to see more. 4 actors, and one stage setting (no sets to change in between). The actors did a splendid job. It was definitely a refreshing break from the monotony of work, and in general from the humdrum of life.

If you want to read the synopsys ofthe play, read it from wikipedia here.

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