Personality checks during an interview

There are some very important personality-analysis questions, that one should ask, while interviewing a person. I re-emphasize here, these are over and beyond the technical interview that one needs to do – to make sure the interviewee (if hired), will do his/her job well.
Trent @ simpledollar does a wonderful job in summarizing this. Some questions that I routinely ask (and are mentioned in this post) are:

4. Describe to me the position you’re applying for.
11. Tell me about the most difficult project you ever faced.
21. Are you applying for other jobs?
23. Where do you see yourself in your career in five years?
24. What are your long-term goals – say, fifteen years down the road?

Each of these questions give a good feel of the candidates energy, and honesty. Read the full article here.

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