Obama – smooth talker !


Mr. Obama is continuing to make waves as the ‘uber-cool’, ‘I-am-completely-in-control’ President of the US of A. I read the following two paragraphs in the NYTimes. 


When I asked him if there was any reason to believe that the G.O.P. had made a good-faith effort at bipartisanship, given the fact that only three Republicans voted for the stimulus plan in the Senate and none in the House, he said he did not want to question the motives or sincerity of those who opposed the plan.

But he made a point of adding, “Now, I have to say that given that they were running the show for a pretty long time prior to me getting there, and that their theory was tested pretty thoroughly and it’s landed us in the situation where we’ve got over a trillion-dollars’ worth of debt and the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, I think I have a better argument in terms of economic thinking.”

Wow. I am impressed. Smooth talker indeed. He starts off with ‘damning with faint praise’ and then lands the blow right on the head ! This was in an hour-long interview with some press people on Airforce One.

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