My Dream Alarm Clock


I have been looking for an alarm clock with the following specifications. If any one has any info on something like this that exists, please let me know. Yes, all the specs should be met.

  • I should be able to set multiple alarms (need to wake my son up in the middle of the night for his pee-run).
  • LED display of the time with a much lesser intensity than the normal LED 8 segment displays – should be soothing to the eyes. Preferably blue colour. This display should not be ON all the time. It should come on only when I tap.
  • I should be able to set any tune for waking up (mp3).
  • Should be easy to snooze/switch off.
  • Should have dynamic snooze setting. I would want to set more snooze in the weekends vs week days.
  • Should run off rechargeable batteries (preferably li-ion). No power cords.
  • Should be small. Preferably flat and thin.
  • Should not have data connectivity. I have problems resisting urges to check email/rss feeds at all times of the day. ¬†And no, please dont tell me I can disable data. I will on a strong urge, enable data and configure an email client in 5 minutes to check email at 2AM.

Anything available like this? Please let me know.

(image src: flickr)

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