HP cuts down on telcommuting

HP and Sun were one of the first companies in the silicon valley to bring in telecommuting. ‘Working from home’ became a phrase common in the valley. After almost 4 decades (telecommuting started in 1967 in the company), the new CEO is tightening his reins and has said ‘no’ to telecommuting. His rationale behind this rule is that, people need to get back to teaming and increasing productivity. He has said that high performers do not pose a risk or a problem when they work from home, but it is the lower end of the productivity spectrum employees who usually do not benefit. These people would increase their shared learning and increase the productivity if everyone came to office, and all leverage on one-another’s strenghts.

I think I kinda agree with him. I believe strongly in teaming, in shared learning, and in leveraging on one-another’s strengths for a single common goal.

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