Floating water

Neatorama features a you-tube video, where researchers apply a high voltage electric field between two beakers of water. And the water rises from the cathode to the anode and forms a floating water bridge. Its pretty awesome.

waterThe info was gleaned from phyorg:

When exposed to a high-voltage electric field, water in two beakers climbs out of the beakers and crosses empty space to meet, forming the water bridge. The liquid bridge, hovering in space, appears to the human eye to defy gravity.Upon investigating the phenomenon, the scientists found that water was being transported from one beaker to another, usually from the anode beaker to the cathode beaker. The cylindrical water bridge, with a diameter of 1-3 mm, could remain intact when the beakers were pulled apart at a distance of up to 25 mm.

Check out the youtube video here.

Check out the original physorg article here.

(via GAS)

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