December music season – 2009

Thanks to the global recession, which has led to a shutdown in my company, I am here in Chennai, steeped in the Margazhi Music festival. I am here for a week, and I am going to allow myself to drown in the carnatic music. It has been a long time.

Yesterday was Day 1 – and here are my observations (I almost said review – but I am not that big to review such maestros).

Day 1:

Artist: Shashank (Flute)

Date: 27-12-2009

Venue: Rama Bhaktha Samaj – PSBB School – KK Nagar.

  • Awesome performance
  • Alapana rendered for Raagam Dharmavathi was amazing.
  • The ghana ragham was a Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi in Raagam Bindu Malini. Beautifully melodious. In the pallavi, he beautifully slipped into a couple of popular raagams, and the flute was doing its magic. Beautiful strains of Hindolam, Sindhubhairavi and Arabhi kept the audience in a trance.
  • Enna thavam seidhanai (kaapi) always sounds awesome in flute.
  • Concert was wrapped up with a mellifluous Sindhu Bhairavi Annamacharya bhajan.
  • All-in-all spell bound evening. Thanks Shashank and team.
  • The violin (Ganesh Prasad) kept up with Shashank through the concert. Very able support.
  • Mridangam (Parupalli Phalgun) was also awesome.
  • Lastly, it was a great feeling to be back in my alma mater – brought back memories indeed.

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