CLOO – a ridiculous idea !

I half-balked at AirBnB, but it looks like it took off. On hind-sight, maybe that was a good idea. You have a couple of rooms with a separate entrance. Rather than finding a rental tenant, you could probably make more money running it as a “hotel room”.

But, CLOO takes the ‘cake’. It is a similar idea for renting your bathroom. Really? You would let a stranger come and use your bathroom? The webpage paints a picture of a harried person in the middle of the city, desperately looking for a loo. I can understand the desperation in a country like India, where it is difficult to find a clean loo in some areas (this is improving big time by the way!). But, in American cities, atleast in a few that I have been to, I have not had this ‘desperation problem’. I would either find public toilets, or find a 7-11 or a gas station, and most are half decent – atleast for a desperate run !

Oh well, whatever.

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