Casa Piccola – Koramangala

Last week, I picked up something to eat from Casa Piccola in Koramangala. I have heard about this joint for quite some time. Following is a terse review from me:

  • Ambience is mixed. When I say it is mixed, it is both sparse and nice at the same time. The entrance is gloomy. The insides are spacious. The tables are nice, and have some western paraphernalia embedded in them (not to ask what connection western american influence has on Italian cuisine).
  • Two days a week, an old gentleman comes and sings country music (again American western music vs italian?? But then I guess it is difficult to get Opera singers!)
  • After you get out of the puzzled look trying to figure out the musical connection, the music is actually pretty nice. All about y’all getting on the horse, and going for the bounty, and the lady came home, and there was soup on the table, etc etc. Typical country music.
  • Lastly, the food is not spectacular. I ordered the Pasta Primevera – supposedly their speciality – and I was not impressed ;-(.
  • Disclaimer is that — a team mate of mine says that the food in Casa Piccola Indira Nagar is better than the one in Koramangala – But I am not willing to bet my money again.

Salad at Namdhari’s

Had a veg salad at Namdhari’s for dinner yesterday, and was I surprised or what. The quantity is large, and the quality of the vegetables are good. Lots of sprouts, bean sprouts, corn, spinach, cabbage, carrots. I tried two of the dressings – coriander and mint, and mayo and garlic. Did not use too much of the dressing, for that would contrast the purpose of the salad. ┬áThe salad is served with a piece of soft bread – which is also very good.

On the whole, a very fulfiling meal. I did not think, a salad could fill me up, but the quantity here is such that, I left with just-about-a-full-stomach — which is by far the best feeling one can get after dinner (not stuffed, nor empty).


Ambience — 4 / 5 (The ambience is very sparse)

Food taste – 5/5

Quantity – 5/5

Service – 5/5

Appearance of the food – 5/5