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99 Variety Dosa – Koramangala – Food Truck

Oh boy, this is good stuff. This is a food truck – an articulated auto. Good quality ingredients used (all amul stuff). We tried this on friday and last friday. Both experiences were very good. Tried different types of dosa. There are basically 4 different varieties – chinese base, pav bhaji base, potato base, and cheese base.

The chinese base has a smattering of chilli, garlic, and soya sauces. Some have cooked noodles and shredded cabbage tossed in.

The pav bhaji base has the pav bhaji masala as the base. A smattering of all kinds of vegetables, cheese and paneer are toppings based on your choice.

The potato base or the mysore masala as it is called has the traditional “aloo palya” base and a smattering of vegetables, cheese, or paneer as toppings based on your choice.

The cheese base has veggies and cheese. period. Each dosa with cheese in its name gets a grated cheese cube (oh yeah, one full cheese cube grated fully!).

All in all, good stuff. Do check this out. This is on the road that joins the NGV gate and the forum road – also called 80 ft road. When you head from the NGV gate, there are two positions that this food truck takes. It is either on the left, right outside the Laxmi Devi Park ; or further down the road on the right hand side right opposite to the Ganpati temple.

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RMZ Pencil Sketch

Took a photo of RMZ Infinity from the Bay entrance. Was experimenting with various Pencil Sketch parameters in Paint.Net. And this is what I got.


(click to see full size)

bangalore photography

Panoramic RMZ Infinity


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Panoramic shot of the RMZ Infinity Atrium. Taken with my Samsung Galaxy Grand Smart Phone. Default Camera App with Panoramic option.

bangalore photography

Clouds inside the building?

Taken inside RMZ Infinity. Clouds reflected on the glass walls of one of the towers. Drama2 filter on Snapseed. Kelvin filter on Instagram.

bangalore photography

Cloudy evening ~ Old Madras Road ~ Bangalore

Shot using my Samsung Galaxy Grand ~ Focal Camera App ~ HDR mode ~ Processed in SnapSeed with Drama Filter.

bangalore photography


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The brave souls who venture up the hoardings. Note the utter lack of any safety equipment.

Shot with my blackberry curve. Post processed using

bangalore photography

Cloudy Gopalan


Clicked this snap on friday afternoon. The clouds looked absolutely gorgeous above the Gopalan Mall, on Old Madras Road, Bangalore.

Camera – Blackberry Curve : Post processing – vignette and drop shadow with

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Beautiful Branding – Puma


Came across this beautiful bill board. You should note a few things – the shoe takes center stage. The story takes center stage. The Nature of Performance takes center stage. You get to see the name of the shoe only in a few tactfully hidden places – “Available at the PUMA Store”. And the ubiquitous puma jumping symbol. Beautiful. That is branding.

Not sure if Puma has always been like this, or they have been learning about Nike. Nike is even more manic about this. You would see a sportsman or sportswoman wearing the shoe and excelling. And the Nike swoosh symbol in the footnote. Some ads would not even have the word Nike. It would just have the Nike swoosh symbol.


For more Nike ads, you should look here ->


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Worlds Best Masala Dosa – Part Deux

We covered the trip to CTR (Central Tiffin Rooms), Malleswaram and spoke about the Worlds Best Masala Dosa here. Now is the time to go behind the scenes. Watch how the Benne Masala Dosa is made at CTR. Kudos to the guy who was able to get permission and go inside the kitchen.

Health Alert: You might get increased cholesterol levels by just watching some parts of this video (such as around 2:40).


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Birds eye view ~ MG Road ~ Bangalore

A few months ago, when I was fighting my ‘Duplicate Number Case’, I had to visit the Traffic Enforcement Center on the 13th floor of the Public Utility Building. From the elevator lobby of the 13th floor, there is a fantastic view of the MG Road area of Bangalore – also called the Central Business District.


(click to enlarge)utility2

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If you want to get your geographical bearings exactly right, this is where it is:

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