Banter inside hospitals

There is one thing that I find very irritating in some hospitals. Doctors, interns, and nurses engaging in fun and frolic behind doors – but within sight of patients. A hospital is a place of seriousness. Patients do not come here for fun. Dont get me wrong. I dont think Doctors are not entitled to fun. But there should be a break-room way at the back – out of sight of patients – where they take their break.

Yesterday R and I were at the hospital. Every once in a while, a door of one of the doctors would open, and you could see the doctor and some interns rolling in laughter, and having some general fun. R had a stomach ache, and we were counting some slow minutes, before our turn to the see the GP (general physician) came. And in these slow moments, it is defenitely irritating when you see this sight of fun-and-frolic behind the doors.

Just my two cents … (for what its worth).

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